Broadway Cases

FC34 - Storage

These storage cases are built to last. Crafted from high-quality, impact-resistant materials, these cases ensure that your most valuable possessions are safeguarded and keep your cherished items organized and protected. This meticulously designed storage case combines durability, security, and elegance to provide you with a reliable storage solution for a wide range of purposes.

Drawer/Cabinet Key Lock

Drawer/Cabinet Combo Lock



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General Description


Cases are constructed with 18mm Russian Baltic birch plywood with 3/4″ northern red oak crate style wrap on the outside.


Case exterior is finished with DuraTex Coating in black (other colors are available) and the case interior is finished with a UV cured clear acrylic coating.

Drawer Construction

Our dovetail constructed drawers are built with 18mm and 12mm Russian Baltic birch plywood and finished with a UV cured clear acrylic coating.


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